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create 3D content with
houdini digital assets

I create tailored Houdini tools for your project which are manipulated and evaluated by the artist inside of Houdini, Unreal, Unity, Cinema4D, 3dsMax and Maya (if you’d rather need finished 3D content, go to Procedural Modeling).

They speed up developing times whilst allowing artistic control, suitable for all types of project: games, cinema, advertising, archviz, transportation, mobile, machine learning and more.

Imagine populating an Unreal Engine level with rocks, vegetation, houses, roads.  Or creating a finished bridge with a spline.  It can be done within minutes with the proper tool.

The solution is to create 3D with Houdini Digital Assets (HDA)

I can help with that, check this example

Other solutions and why they aren´t satisfactory

Creating tools for improving processes has been present since the birthing of 3D and, simplifying it a lot, has been addressed in two ways:

  • Hiring programmers/technical directors as overseers for managing across-studio processes.
  • Hiring professionals with a mixed knowledge of 3D and some scripting languages, like MEL, Maxscript, Python, C++, etc, to create roughly artist-friendly tools.

This knowledge and the utilities derived from it, despite of being extremely useful for a variety of tasks yet, they are not enough for current asset production and worldbuilding needs anymore. The reason is, the foundations they build on top of, like Unreal Engine, 3dsMax, Maya, Blender and such, have very little or inexistent procedural nature. Therefore, the utilities created for content production in combination of those packages, are born crippled already.


Houdini Indie for Game Dev

Houdini Indie helps you by making all the features of Houdini FX affordable.

Houdini for animation projects

Enviro tools and assets

Enviro tools, Asset production tools:

World building

Level production tools.

Producing assets efficiently requires


Inviting to explore


Able to address huge workloads


This workflow is possible now due to we can load procedural Houdini tools (HDA) within other platforms (check FAQ’s How do these tools integrate within my pipeline? ).

The scope of a tool might vary greatly depending on its goal and the industry (Gamedev or Animation). Just to name some:

  • Model interactively props, vehicles, weapons and characters.
  • Create variations for Machine learning.
  • Build levels, environments and terrains.
  • Support stuff for FX: meshes, imposters, texture sheets, VATs, vector fields, polyreduction, baking.

So, it is possible to create endless variety of tools, with endless artistic goals

Here I come into scene!

 If you already spotted a need, just let me know so that I could be designing that tool for you. If you feel unsure about what could that tool be or how could your project be improved, just drop me a line. I am a movie and AAA game experienced 3D artist, so I can help you spotting what areas could benefit from proceduralism.

houdini procedural modeling artist

I am a Houdini procedural artist and 3D teacher with a background of engineering, movie making and gamedev. This provided me with strong analitical mindset and passion for 3D art, key factors for succeeding on procedural switching.

That means I do know how to create optimized and artistically correct assets for highly demanding projects like Call of Duty WWII, Hitman2 or Netflix´s Animal Crackers movie. This how-to combined with Houdini proceduralism can help you bringing your project to life.

I won´t promise you magic solutions but real world tools and procedurally generated finished art instead.

The better you know what your goal is, the better I can help you!

I will also guide you if you don´t know how can your project benefit from Houdini proceduralism, though.

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