Procedural Rock Modeling with Houdini

September 6, 2020 -

Creating render ready rocks with Houdini and Arnold

avoid sculpting secondary assets

I ran into the need of creating realistic rocks when developing a much bigger project, called Procedural Cave Generator聽so I decided to create a tool to generate the rocks automatically using Houdini volumes.

One of the greatest things about Houdini is the option of creating tools inside of tools inside of tools…Which is great for scalability.
Now that the tool is created just need to tell Houdini of many of them I want to be cooked , wait a few seconds and pick the ones I like! 馃檪
The output geo is highres so it is useful for both animation and videogames (as highpoly for later baking).
The color and surface details (bump) were created within Arnold shader.

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