Procedural Extrusion

September 10, 2020 -

The challenge:

Reducing modeling times by automating extrusions

Extruding and insetting actions are performed hundreds of times while creating a 3D model.

We usually care about distances when trying to match a reference but, in many other situations, we don´t care at all. We just need a sequence of extrusions to get some detailing done.

For instance, when creating the a model of ‘Jeep Willys MB 1942’, we do need accuracy because the slightest deviation will make our model less believable. 

We do not need that perfection when creating a greebble. Even for world famous assets like the Millenium Falcon, random extrusions will do the job.

My own solution and benefits

Creating a shortcut or using default redo-last-action button usually help, but that is not the result we are looking for, we look for adding silhouette variation and contrast, and we do need to do it quickly.

Comparison between repeat-last-action and random extrusion. As you can see, it´s got a much more interesting profile when adding variation.

The results:

Instant interesting silhouettes

Therefore, I decided to create a tool for randomly adding extrusions and insets whilst keeping control over major design decissions like repetitions amount, mixer, distance, uniqueness per piece and so on.

I found modeling times of non-critical shapes have been surprisingly improved thanks to it.

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