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I can help you creating assets and scenes for your shots procedurally to achieve visuals that couldn´t be created otherwise in a reasonable amount of time. It is possible to create from huge mountains till dense and ultra detailed cities with a minimum of manual work.

houdini for 3d animation projects

Imagine you need to create a lot of trees, or buildings, or rocks or vehicles. Even a cathedral or a full city… I could create tools to generate variations of those and also scatter them in an environment to achieve your artistic goal.

Houdini is a monster piece of software. You can create outstanding FX with it, but also procedural modeling and tools for asset and level production which is my speciality.

Check some procedural modeling examples within my portfolio. Watching them, you can easy tell why procedural generation for animation is so popular.

I specialise in procedural modeling and tools for asset and level creation.

It runs smoothly and you want to keep your pipeline as it is now. However, you see the potential of creating 3D content procedurally and you want to benefit from it.

In this case, I would be doing my voodoo in my cave to create the assets (props, levels, simulations,…) and delivering them to you in universal format of your choice ( See Procedural Modeling.

The benefit, compared to assigning the task to one of your artists is that I can assume bigger workloads, like creating a castle in no time, in a non-destructive fashion (iterable, organic, open to changes)

Ok, so you asked for a tool.
You can manipulate them interactively within Maya, 3dsMax, UE4, Unity and Cinema4D to create assets and environments.

In this case, you would be briefing me with:

What you want the tool to do
Just a simple brief will do the job: “I need a tool to create sword variations following these design rules”.
Or “I need to populate a level with all these props”.
I am experienced 3D artist for both movie and videogames, so we can communicate in common language.

Wheter You are an indie studio (make <100$/year)

When the plug-in tries to load a tool (HDA) then an appropriate license is checked out.

So, if you are an indie studio, you are eligible to get the “Houdini engine” (thats the name of the plugin) for free (link here), so I will be creating the tool with “Indie license type”.

If you are a bigger studio, you need a studio license type(link here), so I will be creating the tool with “Studio license type”.

In other words, the tool created is license type-aware. This is important.

What platform you will use to run the tool

The official plugin (called Houdini Engine) ships with support for UnrealEngine, Unity, 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D)

In theory, any tool will be loaded successfully in any of those platforms, but it won´t behave the same due to the target platform limitations.

For instance, 3dsMax is not able to represent curve-based ramps, whilst UE4 and Maya do.

Another example, you cannot type values lower than 0.001 within Maya, whilst UE4 accepts that.

Therefore, I need to know the target platform in advance to make it behave as expected.

Depending on what you asked for, I will deliver either Procedurally generated models (obj, abc, fbx,…) and/or Houdini tools (also known as HDA – Houdini Digital Asset) which is just a file that holds the ‘recipe’ to do what we want it to do.  It might be a tool for creating bridges inside UE4 or a tool for modeling car wheels inside of Maya. It looks like this:

Finally, you would drag&drop this file within your project to start using it!


Not really. There are things that might look easy at first sight but once you addressed it, you realized you just opened a can of worms. It also works the other way around: apparently difficult goals become surprisingly easy.

Also, I am not a VFX artist. 
My specialization is Procedural Modeling and Tools (HDAs) for asset and  enviro production.
However I usually create RDB, cloth, particles and other setups to benefit from them to get to my goal.


houdini procedural modeling and digital assets

We will achieve your production goals together. Check Houdini Film&TV Reel

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